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ūüí™ūüŹľ Fully trained staff

When combined with our innovative building skills and year round consulting you have a recipe for success.  

⚡ Service First

We are a ‚Äúservice first‚ÄĚ company! We are here to make sure you have a one of a kind experience from booking through the end of your season.¬† When you choose Bad With Beckwith, you have our 100% commitment!¬†The success of you and your athletes matter to us!

‚ú® Dedication

Bad With Beckwith Choreography is dedicated to providing you with a routine that is tailor fitted to your athletes. We highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses with beautifully crafted transitions that are seamless and easy to read.

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Full Routine Choreography

$2500 per team plus  travel for small teams.
$2800 per team plus  travel for medium sized teams.

Routine Outline

$1200 per team plus travel (a fully mapped out routine with counts, blocked out stunt and pyramid formations w/set time frames ex: 1st stunt 6 8cts, no dance however you may add on for $125 per 8ct).

Full Routine No Building

$2000 per team plus travel
(Everything except stunt /pyramid.  We will provide a basket section if separate from stunt /pyramid).


$125 per 8ct plus travel (will include transition from previous section if necessary, we usually do 4 8cts for a full dance).

Building Skills

$800 per team plus travel (1-2 stunt sections + 1 pyramid).

Upgrades/Clean Up Camp

$500 per team + travel (either spend time cleaning what you have, complete overhaul to sections, or make what you have more difficult (Use your 4 hours however you wish).
Specialty camps available up request. We can customize exactly to your needs. Inquire for pricing.

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Donnie Beckwith

Donnie fell in love with cheerleading starting back in 1998 at All Star Rebels in Melbourne Fl. Starting slow learning to spot tumbling, fast forward 20 years later Donnie has coached and choreographed some of the top teams from the United States and internationally.

With countless choreo awards, summit, and worlds bids including a bid to the last junior worlds where only ten teams where selected he has truly crafted unique style and know how push athletes to their full potential. Donnie’s passion for the industry has lead him on many paths including director for USA All Stars where they were able to secure their first paid bid to Worlds. Donnie ended his coaching career at ACX with Cheersport, Summitt and back to back NCA titles. As he shifted into full time choreography his clients quickly started to experience the same success at all ages and levels.

One thing you will constantly hear is ‚ÄúDonnie¬†worked with my daughter & we love him!‚ÄĚ With his extensive background in all areas of cheers, 10 plus years in the fitness/nutrition industry, and his ‚Äúhow you do everything is how you do anything‚ÄĚ attitude no stoned is left unturned and no detail is too small.

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